Accident Victim’s Dog Stays By Owner’s Body, Barks Nonstop & Leads Crew To Him

When a 41-year-old man from Powell County, Kentucky went out four-wheeling recently and didn’t return, his family became very concerned. As the day went on and it started getting dark outside, they contacted authorities who immediately responded, writes ilovemydogsomuch

Despite calling his phone, the man did not answer. Powell County Search and Rescue along with Estill County Search and Rescue headed into the trails and were able to ping the man’s phone. Before long, the four-wheeler was located with no sign of the man.

They called out to the man over and over, being careful not to get hurt on the rough terrain in the dark. Suddenly, they heard a bark off in the distance. The barking continued nonstop until the search and rescue team found the source of the barking.

The man’s dog, named Stubby, was by his owner’s side the entire team. Sadly, the man fell from a steep, rocky incline and did not survive. His loyal dog never left his side and even alerted authorities to the man’s location.

On their Facebook page, the Powell County Search & Rescue team wrote, “Stubby did the one last thing he could for his owner, he led the SAR teams to his location. Stubby was a good dog and went back home after the rescue was over.”

We extend our condolences to the family of the deceased man.


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