Abandoned Kitten Suffers Vicious Attack, Finally Finds Forever Home

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Randy was left behind by his owners — on his own to fight the elements as well as predators. Randy spent one full winter outside with no shelter. He had to find food where he could. The following summer the neighbors noticed him and realized he was hurt.

Randy had been attacked by another animal that had left him with a face that was unrecognizable. His wounds were oozing with infection and his eye was swollen shut. The neighbors notified RappCats that he was injured and agreed to help catch him so RappCats could care for him. Because of sheer exhaustion and hunger, Randy was able to be caught and taken to the vet to have his injuries assessed and treated.

It took several months for Randy’s injuries to heal and for him to accept and trust people again. Through much care, love, and attention provided by RappCats, Randy healed. He was placed in a loving home where he is adored and well cared for. Randy is a very joyful kitty today.

Please support RappCats so we can create happy endings for other needy kitties like Randy. We truly appreciate any assistance you can provide for our rescue cats and kittens.

RappCats is a private, non-profit organization that rescues, cares for, and finds loving homes for abandoned, abused, neglected, injured, and homeless cats and kittens throughout Rappahannock County, Virginia. We operate the RappCats Adoption Center, a cage-free, no-kill facility that is the only state-approved cat shelter in Rappahannock County.

RappCats is operated by volunteers and funded through donations alone. The Rappahannock County Animal Shelter is funded only for dogs so our rescue work and care for needy cats and kittens is critical.


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