Abandoned Dog Finds A Loving Forever Home After Sleeping On A Wet Blanket

In my family, all of our pets that we’ve had have been strays. One of our cats was brought home as a kitten by my dad after he noticed him foraging around the parking lot of his work in the evenings, writes blog.theanimalrescuesite.greatergood.

Then, our other cat we took in from our neighbor who had complained about an injured stray hanging around their home. And, of course, our dog was the original stray that we picked up at the shelter.

Helping stay animals find a home is always a wonderful idea if you’re ever in the right position to do so.

One woman, knew almost immediately that she was going to adopt the sad-looking dog that she stumbled upon. The poor dog was laying on top of a wet blanket on a random street corner. One look and she knew that he was in trouble. The dog, who she later named Jack was in very rough shape.

She could tell right away that he was sick as his eyes and nose were both running pretty badly. In addition to that, he was coughing pretty badly. He looked so miserable and on death’s door.

She knew she had to do something quickly, so she got him to the vet, where it turned out that he was suffering from pneumonic plague. Fortunately, Jack just needed some antibiotics to clear himself up.

While Jack recovered from his illness, he still had so much to overcome, mainly his past traumas. Since he was a stray she could only guess what type of abandonment or abuse was part of his past.

By this point, the woman had fully adopted Jack as her own, so she was not intimidated by the amount of love and support he’d need to overcome his shy and timid nature.

It truly is amazing what a little bit of TLC can do for a dog. With plenty of patience and unwavering affection, she was able to help Jack come out of his shell – and the transformation is incredible!

Watch Jack’s story below:

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