Abandoned Dog Faces Shelter Wall Frozen In Fear After Being Dumped

This story speaks about a poor dog called June Cash, who was surrendered to a local animal shelter by her parents. The heartbroken dog did not know what to do but just to stay in the corner, writes thepetneeds

Thankfully, everything changed when the owner of The Haley Graves Foundation, Tammy Graves, knew she had to do something after seeing the dog for the first time. So, she did what she could to find a foster home for the dog.

Thankfully, Graves was able to find a foster home, for June Cash, but she had to be checked up in the veterinary clinic. Thankfully, they found that she was in total healthy but with heartworms.

It was obvious that she was also abused by her former owner. However, she finally knew how to trust people at her foster home after realizing that she was surrounded by kind people.

Luckily, a photo of June Cash went viral and more than 500 persons applied to adopt her. Anyway, Graves knew that the dog needed some training to be able to continue his life in a forever home. That’s when James Voyatzis, an obedience trainer, came into the picture, and was able to get the dog ready for a forever home.

Thankfully, June Cash was finally adopted on Christmas Eve Day by Amber Barlow. The best thing is that the dog will never know what pain means again. What a happy ending! Watch the video below.

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