Abandoned Dog Covered In Tumors And Matts Gets A Second Chance At Life

A senior dog was rescued from the streets in Texas and given a second chance to find a forever home and live out her golden years in peace, writes blog.theanimalrescuesite.greatergood

The poor dog, who they named Pamela (formerly Knotty) was found completely matted and covered in knots. She also had a large growth on her chest and a mammary tumor on her abdomen.

The shelter who took her in worked with the Abandoned Pet Project to get her into Vet Ranch for treatment.

Dr. Wendy at Vet Ranch took over care of Pamela and explained that she would need surgery because of her tumors. They ran several tests and did blood work and Pamela seemed to be healthy, though she desperately needed a haircut.

During surgery, Dr. Wendy successfully removed both the large growth on Pamela’s chest and the mammary tumor. While the pup was sedated for surgery, she also gave her a much-needed haircut. They got her up to date on shots and spayed her.

Pamela came out of surgery looking like an entirely new dog!

Unfortunately, the tests came back from the growth and tumor, and while the large growth was benign fatty tissue, the mammary tumor was cancerous.

Dr. Wendy didn’t believe the cancer had spread to other areas in Pamela’s body, but it’s something that would have to be monitored. Dr. Wendy was hopeful that the senior pooch still had a few strong years left in her to spend with a loving forever family.

The sweet dog was put up for adoption and has the chance to enjoy her golden years in peace and comfort, all thanks to Vet Ranch and the Abandoned Pet Project.

Watch the video below:

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