Abandoned And Alone, Two Lost Souls Find The Support They Need In Each Other To Survive

Earlier this month dump workers were on the job site near Ma.nkato, Minnesota, when they found something that should definitely never be found in the trash, writestoancanh24h

All alone sitting under the loading docks was a one-week-old ginger tabby crying his little heart out, not having the support he needed having lost his mom.

Was he dumped along with someone’s trash?

Not sure if Mom was nearby and perhaps had become spooked by the machinery, the workers decided to leave the kitten just in case she came back.

However, after a few hours, it became clear they would need to take action if this tiny feline was to survive.

The workers contacted Mending Spirits Animal Rescue, who quickly took the kitten into their care.

Now safe and sound, he spent his first night in VIP care under the roof of the organization president, before finding his way into the home of foster Mom, Angie Kimes.

As the little one settled into his new home, it was only a day later that another singleton was found all on her own crying for help.

She was found by a Good Samaritan, hiding in a pickup truck with no Mom or siblings anywhere in sight.

Just like the dump kitten, she soon found herself under Angie’s care, safe at last.

Before they knew it they were both snuggling side by side.

Angie gave them both names from two of her favorite childhood movies.

The ginger boy from the dump, who had only weighed in at 5.5 ounces when rescued, was given the name Herbie because he was such a “Love Bug.’

The tiny tabby from the pickup was given the name Pippi, from the lead in the TV series with the same name, Pippi Longstocking.

She was 6 ounces at the time she was rescued.

Apart from regular meals, one of the most important things for singleton kittens is becoming socialized.

If left own their own singletons may not know when they have gone too far in aggressive play. So it only made good sense that Pippi and Herbie be placed together.

Having to feed neonates every few hours does mean a lack of sleep comes with the job.


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