A Woman Thought She Was Rescuing A Dog – It Was Completely The Opposite

A dog given away for free on Facebook turned up two weeks later at a shelter with facial injuries much to the alarm of a rescue group, writes dogheirs

Happy Tails Animal Rescue shared Trixie’s heartbreaking story to caution dog owners to never advertise their dogs for free online.

The Australian rescue wrote:


“Trixie is a young, loving 6 month old pup who has already seen the absolute horrors this world has to offer. Her old owner couldn’t care for her so gave her away on a Facebook page to what he thought was a ‘good home’. The disgusting humans who posed as a ‘good home’ promptly blocked Trixies old owner so he couldnt check in on her… and 2 weeks passed by before Trixie showed up at the local pound with horrific facial injuries.

“In the below photo you can see how swollen this poor baby’s face was… she had been used as a ‘bait dog’ to train dog fighting dogs. We cannot even fathom the horror and pain this girl endured in those 2 weeks after she was given to a “good home”.

“As soon as we heard about Trixies story, we picked her up from the pound and had her driven the 6 hour trip to Brisbane. As you can see in yesterdays photos, her swelling has gone down but there is still a lot of scarring and we are keeping her on medication and she is currently at our vets getting another check up.”

“Trixie is looking for a foster home, preferably with NO other animals as she has endured so much pain and needs to recover in a quiet environment where she can learn that humans will never hurt her again. We think she will eventually be fine with other dogs but for now she is still anxious and sacred so would be better in a home with no other pets.

“If you can help give this pup another chance at life… one without pain and horror but just love and guidance… please let us know ASAP! Trixie is located in the Brisbane/Ipswich area!

“And also please remember if you have absolutely no choice and need to rehome your pet… always go through a rescue group or shelter.. you never can be sure who you are giving your precious pet to otherwise!”

RSPCA Queensland is investigating Trixie’s case, and the sweet dog is in safe hands.

Trixie has found a foster home in Brisbane, Queensland and is doing very well. She is still receiving treatment for the lacerations to ensure they don’t become infected and will be looking for a forever home when she has fully recovered.

Source: dogheirs.comn

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