A Starved And Abused Schnauzer Was Found Tethered To A Tree On Country Land

Reddit user babyinatrenchcoat took to the platform to tell the story of a Schnauzer found tied to a tree on some country land, writes ilovemydogsomuch

She used photos to document the entire rescue process, and the dog’s recovery and transformation are incredible to see.

The story as told in her own words:

“Kingsley was found tied to a tree on some country land. He had been neglected, beaten, and starved. His hair was matted and painful from not being taken care of.”

“After they shaved him, he was found to have numerous wounds on his body. Some were old scars and some were fresh and bloody. How anyone could beat a 15 pound schnauzer is beyond me. I wish a special hell for them.”

“After they shaved him. You can still see how skittish and skinny he is. He was so abused he was afraid of most people, especially men. But this is the picture I saw online and fell in love with. I knew I had to rescue him.”

“The night we adopted him :)”

“First month in his new home. So many things we had to work on. Potty training (he’d never been in a house before), barking, possessiveness (he took to me quickly and tried to fend off my husband if he came near), car rides, etc. He didn’t even know how to play with toys :(“

“My goob :)”

“He picked up everything so quickly! We’re now 2-weeks accident free and he’s gotten most “dog things” down. He loves fetch, car rides, cuddles, vegetables, and dryer sheets (he’s a weird one)”

“My boy today He’s filled out to his ideal weight and is getting super fluffy. We’re taking him to the groomer later this month for a proper schnauzer cut. He’s come such a long way, and it’s been a battle sometimes. But when he’s snuggled in my lap and gently gives my hand or face a kiss, I know how grateful he is and how it’s all worth it.”


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