A Mother Leopard Hugs Her Adorable Cub In A Lovely Way

A mother loves her child more than anyone. This is why mothers and babies, regardless of species, have a special and unique bond, writes theanimaljoy

The way a mother loves and cares for her baby is irreplaceable. Although some consider them dull creatures, wild animals are extremely protective and take care of their children!

This wildlife photographer has experienced firsthand how caring and overprotective wildlife can be. While exploring Kenya, Leighton Lum discovered that the mother leopard shares very tender moments with her cubs. With the camera ready, the 32-year-old photographer found a mother and her cub sleeping next to a bush. But after a while, a heavy rain woke the baby up.

What happened next was nothing more than a sea of ​​hugs and affection between them. Excited and always looking for new adventures, the cub started climbing trees right after waking up. His loud movements woke his mother as well. Although he messed up her mom’s short nap, the leopard wasn’t mad at all. Rather, she was hugging her own precious child and smiling brightly.

“He ended up wondering near our car and the mother followed,” the photographer said. “They sat down no more than 50 feet from the car and started playing. It was unbelievable. ”

In a series of touching photos, Lum caught a mother-cub duo cuddling each other in the cutest way possible. “I really enjoyed watching the tender moment between mother and child,” he said. “It’s a behavior that you don’t see often and rarely see them that way open and close-up.”


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