A Family Cat Is Fighting for Its Life After a Horrifying Acid Attack!

Georgie, the cat you can see in the pictures below, is a cute 10-year old tabby that is currently fighting for her own life after suffering a horrifying acid attack. That’s right – the cat was attacked with acid and left to die with severe burns on her body, writes thebestcatpage

Lyn Prewer, Toby’s owner, says that the cat came back home last Thursday, looking “almost dead”. She immediately realized the gravity of the situation and took the cat to a vet. After immediate treatment, Toby is in critical condition. The cat will most likely lose her ears and eyes, and can’t even eat because of severe burns in her mouth. Poor baby.

Mr. Prewer said that the burns were pretty bad. Georgie was badly burned and it was a miracle she actually managed to get home in that condition. The woman wrapped the poor cat in a towel and rushed her to the vet. “It was the worst experience of my life. My son is devastated!” Mr. Prewer said.

The cat was very friendly and never hurt anyone. No one saw anyone attacking the cat, and the RSCPA is still investigating this horrible incident


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