A Clever Dog Uses Leaves He Picks Up From The Ground To Buy His Favorite Cookies

Some dogs beg for treats. This clever pup pays for his, writes kenhthoisu

Most of the time, dogs must show excellent behavior in order to receive a treat. However, some canines are smarter than others. By merely observing what is going on around them, they have learned the science of how to receive the treats they seek.

Negro, a black Labrador residing in Diversified Technical Education Institute of Monterrey Casanare in Columbia, is one of these canines.

The school’s canine resident is named Negro. He spends his free time watching the students go about their daily routines. Students occasionally gave him store-bought snacks.

The dog noticed that in order to get food, one must make a payment, which requires using cash. The cashier needs to see something before she will give Negro the treats he wants, Negro’s mind flashed. And perhaps a leaf is just as valuable as currency because it looked like money!

After coming to that conclusion, Negro began picking up a leaf that had fallen to the ground, holding them in his teeth and he stood at the counter on his two front legs. While he was patiently waiting for the woman to collect his “money,” he would vigorously wag his tail. The woman would comply and offer Negro a cookie. He would carry out this action every day.

All he needs is a leaf, and he will always get a cookie. He has developed a practice of paying for candy at the canteen with leaves over the years.

Negro’s supporters in the shop want to reward him with a cookie each time he presented a leaf, but they have decided he is only allowed two cookies per day. A dog should not consume excessive amounts of sweets.

In fact, seeing dogs mimic human behavior is interesting. The school has grown to like Negro more since he made it possible for his objectives to be known. It is also quite interesting that the dog is living proof that money grows on trees.


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