A 10-Day-Old Puppy Rescued From A Pile Of Trash Enjoys A Hot Bath In The Sink

It is a touching moment to see a 10-day-old puppy enjoying a bath in the sink. Despite the fact that he is very young, the cute little thing has already got a second chance, writes theanimaljoy

He was rescued after being thrown into a garbage along with two other brothers. They all turned out to be critical, so warm baths were important for thermoregulation. The rescue team who rescued them captured this moment on camera and it was just too cute!

When volunteers from DFW Rescue Me in Texas found these puppies, they knew they had to be quick if they wanted to save their lives.

Luckily, the caretakers did their best and got those little fur balls to safety. “Three new bottle babies,” the rescuer wrote. “Found in a bag in a trash can. They should have been euthanized… Safe now, with a full stomach.”

Although puppies are temporarily safe, they still need a lot of care and attention.

Even so, their chances of survival are still slim, as living without a mother from an early age seems almost impossible.

However, the dedicated people of this Dallas-based rescue did everything to keep them alive.

The rescue team explained: “It takes a very special person to greet bottle-fed babies. It’s not just about feeding them every 2 hours and keeping them clean. You have to do pretty much everything. We try to be as close as possible to a mother’s care. No replacement, but as close as possible. A warm bath helps!”

In the short video below, one of the puppies can be seen lying on his back in his caregiver’s arms and enjoying a very gentle bath. It’s always fun to watch these cute scenes, but when you think about how these innocent souls got there, I wonder how some people can be so ruthless!


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