9-Year-Old Dog Used As Bait Dog For Her Entire Life & Dumped, Her Leg Got Amputated AS A Result

This story speaks about a 9-year-old pit bull called Juniper, who was abandoned in California after being used as a bait dog in dogfighting for her entire life, writes thepetneeds
She was found with her teeth down and covered in scars as she could not defend herself.

Juniper was taken in by a local shelter, that decided to help her to have her health back. But when Maggie Hull a woman from Seattle heard about the pit bull, she directly came to adopt her to give her the best second chance.

Unfortunately, one of Juniper’s legs got amputated as she got paralyzed from waist down after suffering a spinal stroke just 5 months after her adoption. To make it even worse, Juniper was on heavy antibiotics, needed to be on doggie diapers, and developed infections. So, Maggie decided to continue her efforts to help Juniper by bringing a wheelchair to her.

She said that when she brought wheelchair, she noticed a great change in her. She started discovering the life and having some adventures. Juniper is now always happy and smiley despite her harsh past. What a transformation! Watch the video below.

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