80 dogs rescued from an abandoned house: the largest rescue ever carried out by the association

The Licking County Humane Society did not expect such a massive rescue when contacted by authorities. Nevertheless, the volunteers do what is necessary to provide the dogs with all the care they need before they can go to their forever homes, writes positive-info

On July 22, 2022, the Licking County Humane Society, located in the state of Ohio in the United States, was called to the rescue by probation officers. Indeed, the men had gone to a dilapidated house to ensure the good behavior of a wrongdoer wearing an electronic bracelet. On this occasion, they had discovered many dogs in poor condition.

The rescue group therefore moved with the aim of capturing and then sheltering the unfortunate dogs. When they arrived, they saw the deplorable living conditions in which the doggies were surviving.

“We were told there were about 30 canines. But what we thought was an hour-long rescue turned into 5 hours of searching the entire mansion to find 80 dogs and puppies in all,” Elycia Taylor, director of the organization, told People.

Some specimens were doing well, but others were in a more than worrying state. The goal of the group is for each pooch to come to a normal physical form as well as find a loving home.

For this, veterinarians and volunteers take turns to provide care. All the canines were washed in a therapeutic bath in order to rid them of the fleas with which they were infested.

In addition, they are currently vaccinated, sterilized and identified. Canine educators are in charge of evaluating their behavior at the same time, so that they are then entrusted to suitable families.

«Today is the beginning of a long process for these dear souls…but also the beginning of a new life that will now be full of love, care, attention and security,» explained the shelter who has requested financial assistance from his community.

To date, nearly 8,000 euros have been raised.

Dogs and their offspring have been placed in foster homes. Some specimens have been transferred to partner shelters while others are already available for adoption.


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