5-Month-Old Abandoned Puppy Was So Scared, He Refused To Even Make Eye Contact

Ukraine’s rescue group “Love Furry Friends” always try their best to look out for the numerous stray animals in the area, writes ilovedogsomuch.

In this video, we see a rescue worker venturing into a vast industrial lot to feed the many starving homeless dogs wandering about. This was a usual routine for the worker and she recognized most dogs living there. This is exactly why she was shocked to see a sickly new puppy crying in a discreet corner.

The puppy was possibly abandoned in the deserted plot and his skin seemed severely diseased. His fur was dirty with huge bald patches here and there. There were wounds visible on his back and his belly was also disturbingly swollen. When the rescuer approached the puppy, he curled up his body against the stone in fear.

The rescuer offered food to the puppy and assured him that she was trustable, but the puppy was too broken to believe her. He turned his face away from the food and chose to gaze at the lifeless stones instead of acknowledging the woman’s kind gestures. He was desperate to hide and he begged her to go away.

However, the woman resolved to push through the puppy’s defenses. She not only managed to get him to eat, but also scooped him up for a much-needed vet trip. At the hospital, the 5-month-old puppy was diagnosed with a bad case of demodicosis (red mange).

He received intensive treatment for the next few weeks, until he healed and blossomed into a handsome boy!

The shelter named the puppy Zhora and began looking into forever home options for him once he recovered. Thanks to Zhora’s wholesome manners and disarming charm, he soon found himself a doting forever mama! His cuteness exploding by the end of this video is too precious and we’re so thrilled he got his happy ending!

Click the video below to watch the mangy Zhora’s emotional rescue and his transformation into a beautiful puppy!

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