3-Day-Old Calf Found Suffering & Chained With Bailing Twine Around His Neck

JD is a sweet little baby calf who is making headlines across social media, writes ilovemydogsomuch

The innocent calf was discovered chained to a wall when he was just three days old. His saviors, folks from Road To Refuge Animal Sanctuary in North Haven, Connecticut, said the poor little calf had a chain and bailing twine around his neck with nowhere to go but to stand still and suffer.

“I’m hopeful that this little boy is just young, weak, malnourished and dehydrated, but we are prepared for the worst, as always with these touch and go rescues,” Road to Refuge shared on Facebook after rescuing the little guy. A few days after they found him, JD took a turn for the worst. He likely went septic due to a respiratory infection, so the vet put him on antibiotics. Since he was so young and was abandoned, his immune system was weak as well.

After the antibiotics, he then suffered from bloody diarrhea, which meant more medications and more worrying and hoping JD would pull through. Thanks to the love, dedication, and support of the rescue team, JD, named after Jack Daniels whiskey, is running around, head butting, and can’t wait to play with new friends when the quarantine is over.

One of the rescuers bought him a teddy bear, and the calf loves snuggling with it. Megan Pereira, the sanctuary’s founder, shared that JD will be living at the farm forever. Thanks to everyone who took care of JD to make sure he healed and is now thriving. For more about this cutie, press play on the video below.


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