25 Neglected Dachshunds Abandoned In A Driveway Have No Idea That Help Is Finally Here

Save-A-Pet Animal Rescue in Port Jefferson Station, NY responded to a shocking call from a pet sitter in the Bronx on April 13, writes

The woman reported that someone had dropped off 25 Dachshunds in her front yard. The dogs were crammed into 3 rusty, jagged cages. The dogs all came from a hoarding situation.

Volunteers found the condition of the dogs all the more heartbreaking because it is their second set of dogs from a severe hoarding situation in under a week.

This case has stunned even the most seasoned Save-A-Pet rescuers. Greg Goodwin headed out to the Bronx at 10 P.M. on Wednesday evening, driving a rental truck large enough to carry all 25 Doxies back to the rescue facility. He reported on his Facebook page that the sight of the dogs was reminiscent of “pictures of dogmeat festivals.”

The smell was even worse.

The rusted metal cages were broken and stabbing into the bodies of the dogs. Each animal was filthy, severely matted, and either emaciated or obese. The stench was beyond anything Goodwin had ever experienced. After delivering the frightened dogs to the rescue’s facility and settling them in clean cages, Goodwin was able to snag 2 1/2 hours of sleep before returning the rental truck to Manhattan the following morning.

The former owner of the pups later relinquished two other Dachshunds to rescuers, bringing the total number of dogs in need to 27.

The dedicated Save-A-Pet volunteers immediately went to work arranging veterinary care, and reaching out to local groomers for help with bathing and de-matting the neglected animals. Some of the dogs are pregnant, and three are missing one or both of their eyes, likely due to a congenital deformity. Each dog is being thoroughly examined by a vet, vaccinated, and having their temperaments professionally assessed in preparation for foster care.

Save-A-Pet Rescue is asking potential foster pawrents to contact them at [email protected] They have already received several generous donations as news of the Dachshunds spreads.

There is a BarkGive secure fundraising page set up to help with the extensive veterinary, grooming and emotional care these pups will need in order to make a fresh start.

Below are more photos of the sweet rescued Doxies after they had a chance to settle in. Their new names were given to them by the Save-A-Pet rescuers.

The five adorable litter mates Save-A-Pet rescued from another hoarding situation earlier this week are doing great, and will be available for adoption soon. Check the rescue’s Facebook page and website for updates on both sets of dogs, and information on how to bring one (or two) of these cuties home with you!

We wish these pups, and all pups in need, a healthy and happy future. And a huge high paws to all of the rescuers who work tirelessly to care for animals in need.


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