20 Dogs Trapped In Kennels As Fire Breaks Out, Rendering Them Helpless To Move

Five dogs in southern Texas are dealing with something that no animal should ever have to go through, writes ilovemydogsomuch

WARNING: Graphic Content

The owner of the dogs kept them inside the home in the wire kennels, but a fire broke out and nearly cost all five dogs their lives. The helpless pups had no way to get free from the kennels and so they sat helplessly as flames engulfed the property.

There were over 20 dogs on the premises when help arrived, but the folks at Dallas Dog Rescue/Rehab/Reform removed the most severely injured animals to help them get urgent medical attention. According to a post by the rescue group, “The kennels caught fire, as the temperatures have been freezing and they are assuming it was an electrical fire after rats chewed through the cords.”

As of this writing, all five injured dogs are being cared for, and the Dallas Dog Rescue group is working with the other of all the pets to try and get the remaining dogs off the property. They are calling the situation a major emergency, as they are tending to the needs of the most injured dogs first. In a recent update by the group, they reported the tragedy likely occurred because a heat lamp fell over and started the fire.

The wife looked outside and saw the kennels were full of smoke and screamed to her husband. By the time he got out there, the flames were everywhere. Plastic tarps and pine chips served as accelerants, as the dogs were trapped when the tarps fell, landed on them, and the helpless animals caught on fire. The dogs are being called the Texas 5 and getting the attention they need.


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