12-Year-Old Bulldog Struggles To Stay Afloat After Collapsing Through Ice

Tuff the 12-year-old English Bulldog almost lost his life but some quick thinking firefighters raced to the scene attempting to save the pooch in peril. The cold waters of Lake Michigan often freeze over in the frigid winter months, writes ilovemydogsomuch

Just past the area where ice turns to cold water near the South Milwaukee Yacht Club, Tuff fell through and struggled to stay afloat. Firefighter John Rhinesmith was one of the rescue crew summoned to the scene. Rhinesmith is very familiar with the area for a good reason. Two days earlier, he and his crew trained for rescue situations at the exact location of Tuff’s incident.

Rhinesmith crawled out to the dog on his hands and knees. He allowed himself to gingerly fall through the ice and then scoop the animal up into his arms. At this point, Tuff was struggling for at least 10 minutes and was in grave danger.

“He was cold, and he was tired, and there wasn’t much time left,” Rhinesmith shared.

After getting safely to shore, Tuff was wrapped in a blanket, put in an ambulance and he showed signs of coming around after 10 minutes. Firefighters want the general public to use good sense if they encounter a person or pet that has fallen through ice.

“Too often we see would-be rescuers run out after their loved ones or their pet, and then they become a victim as well, so we would say the best thing is to call 911,” firefighter Ryan Kurz shared.


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