12-Month-Old Chihuahua Surrendered To High Kill Shelter Wearing Her Favorite Pink Sweater, Weeps Before Sleeping

Prisons are the toughest places on the earth, everyone hates them, writes thepetneeds

Carson Animal Shelter is one of those places. The shelter that located in Gardens, California, is so hopelessness and sickness.

It is a high-kill shelter which is one of the toughest shelters is the world. As soon as you enter the shelter acrid smell of dogs, chaos, and noise welcomed you.

This story of a 12-month-old dog can tell you about the hardship at Carson. Her owner abandoned her as he did not want her anymore.

He did not give any reason for abandoning his Chihuahua, it seems that he had just tired of her. It is stated that the Chihuahua silently weeps before going to bed, hoping that she will be rescued soon.

Watch the video below.

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