102-Year-Old Grandma Begs Police To Return Back Her Confiscated Pet Parrot

This story speaks about a one hundred and two-year-old grandma called Minerva Castellano who lives with Vitricio, her cute parrot, in Córdoba, Colombia. The woman begged to help her parrot seized by the police as it had lived with her for 5 decades, writes thepetneeds

The yellow-headed parrot has always remembered Minerva of her late husband, Miguel del Toro, who passed away before more than ten years. The parrot, who has witnessed the birth of nearly 50 great-grandchildren and dozens of kids of Minerva, has been her best friend since he first arrived at her house in 1970.

The grandma was left heartbroken as the police has confiscated the parrot. Minerva’s granddaughter, Eliana Guerrero said that the parrot was taken for medical treatment to Montería City as had a problem on one of his wings.

Eliana said that the parrot was taken from them in Montería on November 2 when she arrived at the Terminal. She was told by the police that the parrot was a protected bird so they would take him from her.

However, the police did not care when she explained to them that Vitricio has been with her family for fifty years. The family posted a video online showing the grandma calling the parrot to offer him a banana, Minerva then knows that he is in a sad mood as he is not enjoying the food he likes so much!

Eliana also added that they choose not to tell her grandma that Vitricio was taken by the police for her sake. She added that the parrot does not eat unless she is with him as he likes her so much. So, she is afraid that he is going to pass away.

Eliana also said that Vitricio, who was always free, has been a part of her family before the laws were implemented from keeping these types of animals at home. She just wants to make sure that the police is will aware about her grandma’s situation. We hope that Minerva will get Vitricio back soon.

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